The Private Collection

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What people have said about The Private Collection:

"It's like being in a radio play, where you do the acting and others do the talking." Kate Muir, The Times (read the full article).

"It should be made compulsory for some of the sourer thesis writers in here. Only twenty minutes of their busy lives would be taken up and I can promise them that afterwards they’ll have a spring in their step and a glint in their eye." from Sex at The British Library, by Robin Hunt (read the full piece at Contemporary Nomad).

“Right from the start I was drawn in to an exhilarating atmosphere: unnerving, conspiratorial – yet I felt guided by this voice that seemed to have experienced the library in a new way – certainly not what the common user like myself has experienced. The story was very personal, and yet I also felt part of it.”

“It’s like being in someone else’s head.”

“Really enjoyed this. Felt like I was on a secret mission.”

“This building is so full of secrets: people, places, histories, the story tapped into that really well. And the layers and quality of sounds in your ears and in the space around was very rich and evocative.”

“I loved the way the tour drew my attention to the detailed beauty of the building. I loved the different acoustics, turning physical space into intimate, mental space.”

“It was suspenseful, very engaging and disorienting at the same time: a very strong and weird experience – to be surrounded by stories, sounds, voices in the midst of the silence of the library.”

“The tour took this familiar second home and made it into an Escher painting.”

“Sometimes strange, sometimes exciting juxtapositions of story, sound, and sense of place, or displacement.”

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